Drawdown Dialogues (drawdowndialogues.com) is a conversation series between five climate leaders and 14 student designers from Rutgers Design Practicum. Drawdown is a critical turning point for life on earth. This is that moment in the future when greenhouse gases begin to decline. It indicates the reversion of climate change and global warming. Project Drawdown is a solutions-based climate organization whose mission is to understand nature’s means of rebalancing the climate system.

To inspire everyone to play the role they need to help the world achieve Drawdown, we are creating a campaign to highlight the stories of passionate individuals dedicating their careers to climate action and to inspire others to follow suit.

For this campaign, we interview five climate leaders, represent their stories in mixed media, and aggregate them as a microsite.

Alexa Reyes, Steve Tomori, and I interview Miranda Gorman about the ideas of sustainability, implementation and consumption. We discuss ways in which these topics affect us and how we can challenge how we are related to them.

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